Help Desk - Call History

The call history screen shows a user's recent call history.  Call that are still active may be rejoined by clicking on the entry. Call history displays call data for all attendees.  If a user was invited to join a call their will see the call details in their call history.  If a user misses the call invite for an active call, they can join from their call history.
Not all features may be available to all help desk and task management system users.  Features and options available in the  system depend on user permissions and subscription level.
Help Desk - Call History

Active Call Details Button

1. Active Call Details Button
Hide and Show active call details including link. Active calls that are in progress are displayed in green.

Call Details

2. Call Details
The call details section shows details about the active and historical calls. Depending on the third party video conferencing provider the information displayed will vary.

Call Link

3. Call Link
The call URL can be sent to guest invitees and guest via text message, email or text messaging application to allow invitees who did not receive a notification and anonymous users without an account to join the video conference call.

Delete Call

4. Delete Call
To delete an active call from the displayed call history click on the delete call button.  The call will no longer be active and invitee's will be unable to join.  Recurring calls will  appear in the call history. To prevent a recurring call from occurring in the future, delete the recurring call from the displayed call history.

Call History Entry

5. Call History Entry
The call history entry shows general details about each historical call.

Call Recording

6. Call Recording
Click on the recording link to download the recording of the meeting. Depending on the selected video calling provider, meeting links may only be valid for 24 hours. Please make sure all recordings are downloaded so that they are not lost.

Show More

7. Show More
To view older call history when available click on the show more button..

Join Call

8. Join Call
Click the Join Call button o open another browser tab and join the active call.