Help Desk - Video Calling

Video Calling is available from the Main Toolbar by clicking on the Video Conferencing icon.
Integrated Video Calling makes it easy to contact Agents, Staff Members and Consumer Users directly from the customer help desk and task management system.  For more information about configuring Video Calling refer to the Site Administration sections Video Conferencing help topic.
A video call can be initiated from a Contact Overlay or List View  wherever you see the icon.
Not all features may be available to all help desk and task management system users.  Features and options available in the help desk system depend on user permissions and subscription level.
Help Desk - Video Calling

Call Now

1. Call Now
The Call Now tab displays options to in create a call and send invites to customer service help desk and task management system users. Depending on the user permissions, subscription level and video conferencing settings users are able to call consumer users as well as agents and staff.  Adding users from the drop down will cause notifications to be sent to the selected user's active help desk browser instance allowing the invitees to "one click join" the video call.

Call History

2. Call History
A list of the recent calls made by the currently active user in the customer service help desk and task management system.

Scheduled Calls

3. Scheduled Calls
A list of all scheduled calls created by the currently active user and calls that the currently active user has been invited to as an attendee, that have not occurred yet.

Start Call

4. Start Call
Click the "Start Call" button to initiate an integrated conference call.

Recurring Call

5. Recurring Call
Recurring calls are calls that will repeat in the future.  Toggling a call as recurring will allow the same call URL to be used for future calls.

Close Panel

6. Close Panel
To Close the integrated 3rd party video conferencing panel click on the "X" in the upper right hand corner.

Call Name

7. Call Name
A call name can be assigned to a conference call.  The call name will occur in the call history and scheduled calls lists where appropriate.

Add Members

8. Add Members
Type ahead to filter and select attendees and add them to the attendee list for the help desk conference call. Invites and / or notifications will be created or sent to invited users according to the user's notification settings.

User Status

9. User Status
Status icon color will change depending on the user's current online status.  Green is user is online. Red is not logged in or active.

Invitee List

10. Invitee List
The list of desired attendees who will automatically receive a call invite or notification based on their personal notification settings.

Auto Copy Link

11. Auto Copy Link
By default a call URL or link will automatically be copied to the clipboard.  The call link can be shared with Staff and Agents, Consumer Users as well as anonymous users and third parties that have never logged on the customer help desk and task management system. Unknown users will be prompted to log in or join as guest.

Remove Atendee

12. Remove Atendee
To remove an attendee from the invitation list click on the "X" next to the attendee's name.

Join Call Menu
Help Desk - Video Calling

Display Name

1. Display Name
Enter your user name or display name in the "Display Name" field.


2. Microphone
Click on the micropone to mute and un-mute the microphone.

Camers settings

3. Camers settings
Select the camera icon to enable, disable and configure the camera's settings.

Select background

4. Select background
Select a background option to blur or replace the video background.

Additional Settings

5. Additional Settings
click on the "additional Settings" icon to adjust and configure additional 3rd party integrated video calling settings.

Send Invite

6. Send Invite
Send additional call invites to request that additional users attend the 3rd party integrated video conference.