Help Desk - Notification Settings Tab

The Notifications Settings tab allows the current user to modify their notification settings. Notification settings provide the general rules framework for sending notifications to each user when events occur on the customer support help desk for the selected user's tasks.   Administrative settings may override a user's notification settings in certain instances.
Help Desk - Notification Settings Tab

Notification Transports

1. Notification Transports
Notifications can be sent via email, within tiHelpdesk only, in the users web browser using in browser notifications.  In browser notifications may require that the user select "Allow notifications from this web site" in their browser settings.

Specific Notifications

2. Specific Notifications
A list of specific notification events available that depending on the user's permission and site subscription level, that the user may receive notifications when these events are triggered.  Clicking the checkbox enables notification. Un-checking the checkbox prevents the notification from being sent.