Help Desk - Use Your URL / Domain

screenshot of domain settings dialg
Custom domain site serving allows the Consumer users, Agents and Support staff to securely access tiHelpdesk using a custom URL. Use of custom domains may require a minimum subscription level and minimum subscription time commitment.
By default the tiHelpdesk instances are served using the subscriber.tikit.info sub-domain and use an auto generated SSL certificate. Depending on the site subscription leveltiHelpdesk can provide site serving with custom domain names. 
A company that owns a domain name and has a web site usually prefers that all web sites and services associated with that company serve from a branded common domain. 
Using the sample of a company with the domain itsnotreal.com with a main site is located at www.itsnotreal.com it is highly probable that the managers of this company would prefer to have the help desk URL to serve from helpdesk.itsnotreal.com  or similar. And not serve from the Tikit.Info domain. A custom domain provides this ability instead of limiting access to the default URL.
Custom domain names require a custom SSL certificate.  The tiHelpdesk instance only serves data using HTTPS.  All traffic is encrypted. When a subscriber requests that their task system is served using a custom domain names The help desk will automatically request a free SSL certificate for that custom domain.  The certificate will be requested from Lets' Encrypt and the certificate will be applied to the custom domain at no extra charge.
To request a custom domain from the Custom Domain settings panel in the Administration settings.