Help Desk - In Call Menu

Depending on your Video Conferencing provider the In Call menus may vary.  For the purpose of documentation and functionality review the help documentation references the services offered by 8x8.
Help Desk - In Call Menu

Mute Microphone / Settings

1. Mute Microphone / Settings
Mute and unmute microphone and access microphone settings.

Toggle Camera / Settings

2. Toggle Camera / Settings
Toggle camera on and off and access camera settings.

Share Screen

3. Share Screen
To to Share Screen and select full screen, window or tab to share.

In Call Chat

4. In Call Chat
Engage in in call text based chat with attendees.

Raise Hand

5. Raise Hand
Click to raise hand on the moderator's screen and notify call attendees that you need assistance or have a question

Participant Menu

6. Participant Menu
Manage participants and breakout rooms.

Tile View

7. Tile View
Toggle screen view mode between active speaker and tile view.

Supplemental Menu

8. Supplemental Menu
Supplemental menu items (see below.)

Supplemental Menu
The supplemental menu provides a host of additional features including call recording, setting the camera background, muting and disabling everyone's camera, and security options.