Help Desk - Staff and Agents

Staff and Agents are personnel in the subscribing ticket system staff membercompany or organization, or from a third party, that will be responsible for answering and resolving tasks intiHelpdesk. Tasks can be associated with both Consumer Users or with Staff and Agents.  There is nothing preventing an Agent or Staff member from being a task owner or originator.  Tasks and issues can only be assigned to Agents or Staff members for resolution.
Agents and Staff members have access to To-Do List and other features that are not available for Consumer Users.  Agents and staff member are members of Products and Groups. Automated assignment rues for product and groups may allow auto task and issue assignment to Agents and Staff Members.
Agents and Staff members may receive notifications when a new task is created for a Product or Group that they are a member of.  Agents and Staff members can see any task that has been opened in tiHelpdesk for a Product or Group that they are a member of.
The Filter and Search Panel can be used to filter the Ticket List for tasks that are originated by or assigned to a Staff member or Agent.
Available features and options are dependent on user permissions and subscription level.