Help Desk - Scheduled Calls

Scheduled calls allows the user to create a call that will occur at a later date and time or a call that will repeat based on a specific schedule. Invitees will receive an invite that contains an ICS file.  Most email clients allow importing of ICS files into common calendar apps when received. The user also has the ability to directly download an ICS file and save it to their filer system.  ICS files are commonly referred to as a calendar file.  The ICS file can be attached to email or sent using other communication methods.  ICS file can be used by recipients to add the call  to most commonly used calendar applications.
Help Desk - Scheduled Calls

Schedule Call Button

1. Schedule Call Button
Allows the user to create a scheduled call and displays all the data fields required to scheule a call.


2. Save
Click the Save button after configuring the scheduled calls settings.  The call will be saved in the scheduled calls list.

Call Name

3. Call Name
The "Call Name" text box allows the user to type a call name for easy call identification.

Start Date and Time

4. Start Date and Time
Start Date and Time lets you select a start date for when the scheduled call will start.

Call Options

5. Call Options
Call options include One Time Call, Repeat Call and scheduling options for repeat calls.

Notification options

6. Notification options
Allows the user to set the reminder notification time that will occur before the event. Setting a reminder will result in a notification being sent prior to the scheduled call time.

Add / Invite Attendees

7. Add / Invite Attendees
Add attendees and send invite notifications by selecting users from the Add members drop down.


8. Cancel
Click the Cancel button to cancel saving and not schedule a call.

End Date and Time

9. End Date and Time
End date and time allows ou to select the stop date and time for the call.