Help Desk - Public Notes

Public Notes and Private Notes can be added to tasks in tiHelpdesk and help desk. When a note is added to a task it does not trigger a notification to be sent to the task owner or to the task's assignee.
Public notes can be entered and viewed by staff members and external consumer users.
After a note is added to a task the user may have a short duration where an Undo link is displayed.  Clicking this link will remove the note from the task. For more information on the Undo link please see the Undo Reply help topic.
Help Desk - Public Notes

Add Note

1. Add Note
Public and private notes can be added to tasks in the help desk and customer service portal by clicking on the add note button on the Task Details ToolBar.
Help Desk - Public Notes

Public Note Selection

1. Public Note Selection
Select public from the Note Type selection dialog to make the note visible to everyone.

Note Body Text

2. Note Body Text
Enter the note body text in this area.  The note editor and Reply editor function exactly the same.  For more information on using the note editor please see the Reply to help topic, Undo Reply Help topic.

Save Button

3. Save Button
Click on the Save Note button to save the note and exit edit mode.

Cancel Button

4. Cancel Button
Clicking the cancel button exits edit mode and removes the note from the task. All data entered in the Note Body Text area will be deleted.
Not all features may be available to all users.  Features and options depend on user permissions and subscription level.